oil paintings from photos

Oil Paintings From Photos

Immortalize your cherished photo in a beautiful oil painting. Our team of talented artists can create museum quality oil paintings from photos on canvas using professional-grade oils. Preserve and celebrate your fondest memories, such as your loved one, pet, vacation, wedding, or any special occasion. Your personalized oil painting will enhance any room within your home or office, and also makes an incredibly unique gift.

How to Order

  • Use the simple form below to send us your desired photo, and include your preferred painting dimensions in the “message” box. Alternatively, you can email info@oilpaintings4u.com or use our contact page.
  • We will perform a quality check to ensure the photo resolution is of relevant standard.
  • We will confirm the price, and address any of your questions or concerns during our correspondence. When you are ready to place your order, payment will be due via our secure checkout.
  • After payment, please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion of your painting. This delicate process cannot be rushed because we want to ensure we provide you with the best quality artwork.


  • We will notify you when your painting is ready for shipping and we will ship it to you FREE.
  • You will be provided with a tracking number.
  • Please allow approximately 5-7 days for delivery.

Exchanges and Returns

  • For peace of mind, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Simply return the painting to us undamaged and in its original packaging.
  • When we receive your package, we will confirm receipt and issue a refund (minus our shipping delivery charge).
  • Buyer pays for return shipping.

Pricing and Sizes

  • Price Chart #1 reflects pricing for oil paintings from photos of people.
  • Price Chart #2 refers to oil paintings from photos of pets/animals.
  • Price Chart #3 states pricing for oil paintings from photos of landscapes/buildings.
  • We can offer different dimensions upon request.
  • Please contact us here to start your order, or to ask any questions.
PRICE CHART #1 – Oil Paintings from Photos of People
Size (Inches)Price ($)Per Extra Person ($)
8 x 10159N/A
12 x 1616925 (up to one extra person)
16 x 1618925 (up to two extra people)
16 x 2020930 (up to three extra people)
16 x 2422935 (up to three extra people)
20 x 2024935 (up to three extra people)
20 x 2426935 (up to five extra people)
20 x 2828940 (up to five extra people)
24 x 2429940 (up to six extra people)
20 x 3031940 (up to six extra people)
24 x 3233945 (up to six extra people)
28 x 2834945 (up to six extra people)
24 x 3636945 (up to seven extra people)
32 x 3238950 (up to seven extra people)
30 x 3640955 (up to seven extra people)
30 x 4042960 (up to eight extra people)
32 x 4044965 (up to eight extra people)
36 x 4446970 (up to eight extra people)
36 x 4848970 (up to nine extra people)
40 x 6052985 (up to nine extra people)
48 x 7254995 (up to nine extra people)
PRICE CHART #2 – Oil Paintings from Photos of Pets/Animals
Size (Inches)Price ($)Per Extra Animal ($)
8 x 10149N/A
12 x 1615910 (up to two extra animals)
16 x 1617910 (up to three extra animals)
16 x 2019910 (up to three extra animals)
16 x 2421910 (up to three extra animals)
20 x 2023510 (up to four extra animals)
20 x 2426910 (up to four extra animals)
20 x 2827920 (up to five extra animals)
24 x 2428920 (up to five extra animals)
20 x 3029925 (up to five extra animals)
24 x 3231525 (up to five extra animals)
28 x 2832525 (up to six extra animals)
24 x 3635925 (up to six extra animals)
32 x 3236930 (up to six extra animals)
30 x 3637530 (up to seven extra animals)
30 x 4040530 (up to seven extra animals)
32 x 4042535 (up to seven extra animals)
36 x 4444540 (up to nine extra animals)
36 x 4845945 (up to nine extra animals)
40 x 6047955 (up to nine extra animals)
48 x 7251965 (up to nine extra animals)
PRICE CHART #3 – Oil Paintings from Photos of Landscapes/Buildings
Size (Inches)Price ($) Varies Depending on Complexity
8 x 10145 – 165
12 x 16155 – 175
16 x 16165 – 185
16 x 20175 – 195
16 x 24185 – 205
20 x 20195 – 215
20 x 24205 – 225
20 x 28215 – 235
24 x 24225 – 245
20 x 30235 – 255
24 x 32245 – 265
28 x 28255 – 275
24 x 36265 – 285
32 x 32275 – 295
30 x 36285 – 305
30 x 40305 – 335
32 x 40315 – 335
36 x 44325 – 345
36 x 48335 – 355
40 x 60375 – 405
48 x 72415 – 445

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Oil Paintings from Photos
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by alan
a beautiful painting

got a painting of my classic mustang, looks beautiful. Was a bit skeptical, but glad i did it. looks pretty cool hanging in my hallway, a couple of guests have already complimented me on it.

 by Monica
Very happy!

I ordered a painting of my husband and I on our wedding day and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this painting. I would definitely recommend this company.

 by Elizabeth

Couldn't be happier. Great quality painting. Thank you

 by Julia
Great Purchase

Great purchase, A+

 by Peter
Great Painting

Ordered a painting of my kids as a gift for my wife and she loves it. Highly recommend this service.

 by Priscilla
Great art

I ordered a painting of my kids graduation photo and it looks amazing. Better than a plain old photo! Very happy with my purchase.

 by Alicia
Stunning Painting

I ordered a painting of my mother who recently passed and was delighted with the end result. This painting means so much to me and is now the center piece of my living room.

 by Andrea
brought my photo to life!

Can't say enough good things about this company! The finished painting far surpassed my expectations. I lost my fur baby and wanted to memorialize him in an oil painting. I cried happy tears when I opened it! And the ordering process was really straightforward. You can buy from this site with confidence

 by anita

Great artwork. This was a gift and the recipient was very happy. This is a really good gift idea if you want something a little different and meaningful.

 by Greg
Would recommend op4u

I had looked at similar sites and they were overwhelming. This site kept everything simple and the ordering process was a breeze. All my questions were answered and I felt confident placing my order. I waited a few weeks but boy was it worth it. I am so happy with my painting and I would highly recommend op4u to anyone who wants a high quality painting at a competitive price.

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